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Vastu Shastra, one of the oldest traditions, is a science that deals with the vibes that surround a person. According to Vastu, every property – residential or commercial has an energy of its own that affects the well being of the person living in it. Hence, it is very important to build homes or any other property according to vastu laws. It is of importance to note that this science is not just based on age-old traditions preached by a saint but it actually follows scientific principles.

It is said that universe is composed of these five elements – fire, air, water, sky, and earth. An imbalance of energy can lead to natural calamities like earthquake, flood, tornatto, twister similarly it can effect human health as well in many ways. Some of the ailments that are believed to have been caused due to this are blood pressure, digestive issues, anger, and even insomnia . Then, there are the other serious issues like marital discord, money problems, professional issues, etc.

Today, this science has been adopted not just in India but also across the globe. With the help of this science, one can utilize solar energy and earth’s magnetic energy. This can only be done by scientific vastu experts who are well versed with this science. We are the best scientific vastu consultant in Delhi, India to share expertise on this science and in the building of vastu-centric properties in order to ensure progress, peace, and prosperity to the property owners

Our Prestige Clients

Ms. Shilpi Saraf
(Scientific Vastu Expert)

She has revolutionized the traditional model of property management by adopting a scientific vaastu approach in managing every aspect of a property. Vaastu science is a passion in her life.

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