Astrology Report


Vastu Shastra defines the building structure of a house and even dictates the placement of furniture as well as symbols to achieve the key elements of one’s life – prosperity, happiness, and peace. Even if the house is not a newly built one, it is best advised to conform to vastu principles while renovating it. But, even after all this; sometimes a person may not achieve his objectives. Why? The answer is simple – they need to incorporate the element of astrology in it as well. Vastu and Astrology go hand in hand. The directions that govern Vastu are related to planets which in turn exert control over a person’s life events. According to great astrologers, astrology is comprised of Arithmetic, events either past or present, and collection. Vastu is a part of the third element. The five elements of Vastu are related to the 12 zodiacs of astrology.

An example of how these two sciences are inter-related is when we set up a “muhurat” (to commence work) time when buying a land or building a property. Vastu experts not only consider the five elements and the directions to dictate as to what should go where but also consider the owner’s horoscope. One of the many Vastu-centric services at GTM is the astrology report that one can upon personal consultation or via email. This report provides an in-depth analysis into your planetary condition that influences your personal as well as professional lives. Our vastu experts, on the basis of your date, time, and place of birth, help guide you with what gemstones should you wear according to your horoscope, the colours that suit you, and even interior as well as exterior setting related advice.

Many clients have utilized our services to bring inner peace and prosperity to their lives. Some of the most commonly asked for questions include:
1) Strengths as dictated by the planetary position and vastu influence.
2) Dasha strength indicating most important life events.
3) Help in deciphering inner strengths as well as behavioral traits to achieve greater success in personal as well as professional spheres.
4) Recommendations to build a better future
5) Remedies to help get rid of your current problems
6) Favourable dieties
7) Favourable colour
8) Favourable stone
9) Favourable work