About Us

Vastu means “dwelling” – a place to reside for god as well as humans. It is not just an age-old Indian tradition but a science that deals with the various forms of energy like solar, lunar, cosmic, wind, light, magnetic as well as thermal. If these energies are balanced, they are believed to bring happiness, prosperity and peace to a living place. However, if the property is not Vastu-centric, it could lead to health concerns such as blood pressure, digestive issues, anger, insomnia, etc as well as other serious ones such as financial issues, relationship troubles, and professional hurdles. Thus, it is important that any property be built per Residential Vastu & Commercial Vastu norms. Even if the building hasn’t been designed from a vastu-centric approach, one can rearrange things inside the home to conform to Vastu standards without demolishing also. From a Vastu for Home perspective, there is a different specification of Vastu for each room of the house, even for open spaces and is dependent on the directions that the rooms are built in.

From a commercial perspective, Vastu Shastra has gained immense popularity because of its influence in bringing in prosperity to the business. Infact, most of the businessmen consult Vastu experts before launching a new venture. It is also an important point to note that having the right Vastu elements in your commercial property helps the individual to make more practical business decisions thus contributing to the success of the venture. The science is believed to safeguard the business from any perils. So, whether it is hospitals, offices, hotels, shops, factories, clinics, restaurant, schools, or other places of commercial interest, Vastu is one of the key elements to be considered before building the premise or making alterations to it.

GTM Group is a well-known real-estate brand in North India. An initiative by GTM Builders – Scientific Vastu For Healthy Life & Healthy Living, is an ambitious project that focuses on for designing of properties that comply by Residential Vastu & Commercial Vastu. Understanding the need for a spiritual fulfillment that one gets from his/her owned property, GTM Builders have set their objectives on building properties that follow Vastu norms and hence bring prosperity and peace to the owner