Numerology Report


Numerology and Vastu go hand in hand in context of their directions. Since each direction in Vastu is related to a planet and each planet has an associated number, the two fields greatly influence each other. Each property, residential or commercial, carries within it a plethora of energies. If the combined energy is positive, the owner or the person living within the premises experiences joy, peace and prosperity. However, if the negative energies outnumber the positive ones, there are serious impacts on the person’s mental and physical well-being.

To avoid such repercussions, one must build vastu-centric properties or incorporate vastu principles in already-built ones. Vastu numerology depends on the birth number of a person and co-relates that to the direction and planet as governed by Vastu. There has been an increase in instances of people changing their names, email addresses, car number, phone numbers, etc according to vastu. This trend has not only engulfed the common man but also those owing a business, filmmakers, and so on.

According to vastu experts, numbers carry a vibration that defines existence. There is a resonance associated with each number which affects the vibes surrounding a human being. Through numbers, one get a sneak peek into what the cosmic world holds in store for us.

At GTM, One of our Vastu-centric services is a numerology report that we provide to our clients. All you need to do is to visit us in person or email us with your birth number and we draw up a numerology report based on the birth number, the vastu direction and the associated planet. This report is based on chinese numerology and Pythagorean system.

With our numerology report, we have helped several clients with (among many other objectives):
1) Choose a company name to ensure prosperity
2) Finalize email address, mobile numbers and even passwords to boost one’s business and professional growth
3) Select the lucky number for their vehicle
4) Design a signature that spells success
5) Help in changing the names to bring in success
6) Help in deciding the perfect time to start a venture
7) Help in selecting a house name