Scientific Vastu Report

scientific vastu report

For several years now, Vastu has proved its importance in bringing peace and prosperity to a property – residential or commercial. This age-old science is in fact considered to be an off-shoot of architectural science by many because of its emphasis on directions, longitude, latitude, location, climatology, etc when building something. A healthy house is one which balances the negative vibes with positive ones and gets rid of all negative forces from entering the house.

We offer a scientific vastu report to the clients in a bid to bring the scientific side of vastu to people. The team comprises of a medical practitioner who gauge the clients’s physical as well as mental well-being, an architect/interior designer who conducts a thorough technical analysis of the business design and its interiors, and a scientific Vastu expert who assesses the property and the exteriors per vastu norms.

The scientific vastu report is compiled using the following tools and methods:
1) An in-depth analysis of the building exterior as well as interior.
2) EMF radiation testing.
3) Checking light and sound setting using a lux and a sound level meter.
4) A thorough analysis of space utilization, surroundings, etc.
5) Using a lecher antenna to diagnose energy levels.
6) A combined study by vastu experts and interior designers on the interior setting like placement of furniture, paintings, and vastu symbols as well as other details like entrances, etc.
7) Detailed analysis by scientific vastu experts and medical practitioner on the mental as well as physical well-being of the occupants.
8) Seeking an astrologer’s assistance in documenting factors per the occupant’s birth details like financial condition, personal relationships, professional growth, etc.
9) Providing a comprehensive report on problems discovered and offering remedial actions by the scientific vastu expert.