Our Team

Ms. Shilpi Saraf (Scientific Vastu Expert)
Mr. Ashutosh Sharma (Astrologer & Numerologer)
Ms. Neha Gupta (Architect)
Dr. Sandeep Govil (Consultant Neuro Psychiatrist)
Dr. Seema Shahi (Consultant Cardio-diabetologist)

Vastu Shastra is fast evolving as one of the most important aspects considered while designing a property. This age-old science focuses on the balance of positive energies and negative energies of the surroundings. According to Vastu, we are all affected by the various forms of energy that surround us like the lunar energy, solar energy, earth’s magnetic energy, thermal energy, cosmic energy, and wind energy. The science of Vastu derives its facts from the earth’s rotation on its axis and the magnetism that earth exerts on all human beings. Per Vastu, a balance between all energies brings prosperity, peace, and happiness to one’s life. Even the slightest imbalance can cause havoc in someone’s life, be it in terms of professional, social, personal, or health perspective. Vastu experts believe that all properties – commercial or residential should conform to Vastu norms which dictates something specific for all directions. Even if the property is not newly constructed, one can make changes to the structure of the property or make certain rearrangements to satisfy Vastu norms. Hence, it has almost become a necessity to consult a vastu expert before commencing a new project. Even in the case of commercial properties such as hotel, restaurants, schools, shops, clinics, etc, Vastu-centric design can bring prosperity in business for the owner.

GTM Group understands the meaning of what spiritual fulfillment and prosperity mean to the owner. Hence, it is well staffed with an experienced team that has extensive exposure to involving vastu for happy living. The team has worked for many clients, some of them possessing a huge repute world-wide. They understand the importance of vastu for health and are adept at guiding businesses to success. Our able experts provide crucial tips on building property right to the minutest detail like where the reception should be located, where the executives as well as management should sit, the right colour scheme for the interiors, and even where should important documents be kept. Our vastu experts are also available to provide personal vastu advice, another vertical of our ambitious project - “Scientific Vastu For Healthy Life & Healthy Living”.